Dear heroes,

we are going to have a sharing event of our game.

[Duration]:2016/6/8-2016/6/23 23:59 Server Time

Download Link of Sword of Soul:
Sword of Soul Play Store

Sharing this link to your Facebook page and to your friends.

-If your friend creates a character in Sword of Soul and reaches Lv30, you and your friend will get: 50 diamonds+1.5 million coins+ Demon Halo.

-If your friend reaches Lv40, you and your friend will get: 100 diamonds+ 3 million coins+ Black Feather.

-If your friend reaches Lv50, you and your friend will get: 300 diamonds+ 6 million coins+ Castle Dress.

Please leave the screenshot of sharing, the level of your friend’s character, your friend’s character name, server name, your character name and server name in the comment.

[Please note]:

1 Your friend’s character must be created after the starting time of this event. We will check the character creating time and if it was created before the 8th of June, you will not get the rewards.

2 This event is for the players of Sword of Soul.

[Duration]: 2016/6/16-2016/6/20 23:59 Server Time

Dear players,

Would you like to share your pvp fighting videos with us?

We want collect the fantastic fighting videos from players and prepare fantastic gift for you guys.

Please share your video in the comment before the end of this event.

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